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Releases & Sight Tool

  • THE SAFETY LOCKS the release securely on your bowstring, leaving your hands free at all times.
  • NO MORE premature releases due to cold hands or clumsy gloves.
  • KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR TARGET: No need to look away to connect your release to your bowstring. 
  • LESS MOVEMENT and quicker shots.

Machined aluminum release (upgraded)

Price: $60.00
Shipping: $7

Aluminum release

Black composite release

Price: $20.00
Shipping: $7

Composite release

Rope release with safety

Price: $65
Shipping: $7

Rotates 360 degrees, gives 100% free hand capability. Also compatible with our Full Draw Conversion Kit. Works with any bow Weights 2-3/4 oz.

Rope release tool with safety

Bow Tuning Sight Tool

If you purchased a product from someone else,
it is not a genuine Pullin product. It is against the law
to manufacture unauthorized copies of this product.

Price: $20.00
Shipping: $6.50

Bow sight adjustment tool. Adjust your bow with precision using this unique device easy and quick to use.

Bow sight adjustment tool