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Inventor of the Full Draw Compound Bow and Tensioning System

The Pullin Full Draw Bow Tensioning System

THE PULLIN Full Draw Bow Tensioning System holds the bowstring of your compound bow fully drawn and ready to release, permitting you to aim and release your arrow precisely, without the additional physical stress of having to hold a full draw. IT'S A VALUABLE ASSISTANT, as well, to many handicapped and semi-disabled archers, allowing them fuller, and sometimes independent, participation in archery sports. CARRY YOUR BOW safely fully drawn and ready to load for target or game. TAKE AIM through your sight. SLIDE THE SAFETY aside. DEPRESS TRIGGER to release. COMPLETELY SAFE with safety in place. PERMITS A DEADLY response and delivery. EASILY ATTACHED to almost any compound bow.(Complete instructions included.) READILY storable: Tensioning rod and trigger-and-safety mechanism are freely mounted on the bow riser and instantly removable after the arrow has been released. The rod stores conveniently in the arrow quiver PATENTED, WARRANTED, and field proven. LOOK-ALIKE PRODUCTS are not the same! Full Draw

BOW IN LAX position, showing the release, tension rod, and riser accessories in place.
FULL DRAWN bow showing arrow in rest.

PERSPECTIVE VIEW of bow tensioner system with bow at full draw.
RELEASE on rod with drawn bowstring: safety aside, thumb on trigger, ready to "fire."
TENSIONING-SYSTEM RELEASE shown being used separately as a release only.