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Inventor of the Full Draw Compound Bow and Tensioning System

About David L. Pullin

Type Of Business: Manufacturing Company

Industry: Archery Products & Services

State/Country of Origin: VA/USA

Marketing Area: International

Expertise: Mr. Pullin's expertise is in customer service

Major Products: Pullin Archery Compound Bows, Bow Covers, Cross Bows, and Bows for Physically Challenged Individuals with Lifetime Disabilities

Hobbies/Sports: Traveling, Admiring Nature, Photography, Hiking.

Education Degrees: Coursework in Horticulture, Drafting and Engineering

Affiliations Awards: Lifetime Member, North American Hunting Club; Life Member, Physically Challenged Bow Hunters of America; Future Farmers of America. Program, Local School; Assist Physically Challenged Sportsmen and Bow Hunters of America. Former Member, Isaac Walton Leigh. Member, School PTA Committees; Former Member, Western Virginia Religion in Schools

Family: Wife and two children.

David's Biography

Mr. Pullin started expressing his views to teachers in high school, as well as throughout his adult and business life. He can hear a concerned view, or see a finished product, and if he is interested in the subject or concern, he looks to see what are different ways to produce a new product. He does NOT consider what he can do to tweak the existing product to fool the inexperienced, potential customer. This is where his designs have become recognized and sought. He has enough new designs and working prototypes to stay in the industry for many years; all of these products are dated, documented and notarized, and witnessed by licensed professionals. He is constantly devising new products, besides in the sports industry. The most gratifying aspect of his career is to hear his clients and customers say how well his product performs and how he has made their life complete. No one could ask for more.

Mr. Pullin established his business in 1994. He also helps underprivileged children through local agencies. He is a guest speaker and presenter. He conducts workshops pertaining to compound bows, eastern wild turkey hunting, white tail deer and mountain grouse. He has participated in these activities at various colleges, sporting events, civic organizations, and events of Future Farmers of America school organization chapters and events and a number of other related social events as a professional lifetime hunter. He has given up much of his time he used to spend with various organizations he belonged to in order to assist the local school Future farmers of America (FFA) program in his local area and assist physically challenged sportsmen, women, and children who are interested in archery as well as avid archers for 15 years.

Mr. Pullin has had sound discipline and direction all of his life. His learning started at home, where his mother was a schoolteacher and a nurse. His father was a bookkeeper for several companies, owned a farm, and was a 40-year employee for the Virginia Department of Transportation. Several teachers took him under their arm and taught him respect and consideration including Mr. G.R. Kinsey, a Future farmers of America (FFA) teacher at Wilson Memorial High School; Mr. Fullen at Churchville school, another FFA teacher and assistant principle; and Mr. Lewis Eli, one of his school instructors and school principal. He even did all of the painting for Mr. Pullin’s projects and homes he built for many years. He also attributes his success to Mr. Richard McPherson, a friend of his father and an attorney, along with his son Tom McPherson also an attorney, who has been and still are special friends and business associates, along with Circuit Court Judge Tom wood, also another dedicated friend for over 38 years. Also, Mr. Raymond Robertson, a Staunton Commonwealth attorney, who has given Mr. Pullin true personal direction and encouragement and appreciates his sincere efforts. In addition, Dr. Michael Hoffman M.D. is a very close friend. These professionals, among a number of police officers, along with other business and personal friends and associates, have given him the encouragement and support he needed to succeed. Also his very close friend, Mr. Richard (Dick) Zimmerman C.P.A., was key to his success.

Also, for his aforementioned success he credits: Frank Pullin, his retired 40-year machinist cousin who helped train him in the machinist industry and Mr. Kyle Obaugh, owner of a fabrication business and also a resident of Highland County, Virginia; Mr. Joseph Foulker of Wrightwood Precision Products Co. Chicago, IL, a truly top Products Company who did a lot for Mr. Pullin’s current standing; and Mr. Dick Williams, owner of Lakota Industries in Xenia, Ohio, has done much for his standing within the hunting industry. These individuals are all truly loyal dedicated friends that believe in him and trust him 100 percent without exceptions. He has also been supported by Mr. David A Daughterly, the owner of D&D Ejection Mold. A designer and engineer who works in the tool, die and molding industry.

Finally, he receives complete love and support from his Wife Carolyn and two daughters.

Assist Aide for Disabled Youths and Disabled Veterans; Publisher, Outdoors Magazine; Federal Student Aid; Wilson Memorial High School; Monterey High School. He attributes his success to his helping nature and faith in God. He became involved in his profession so that he could design archery products for individuals with disabilities. Creating and Designing Archery Bows, Overseeing Finance, Delivering Speeches at Various Organizations, Assembling Products from Raw Materials to Finished Products, Designing, Patenting, Manufacturing and Marketing Compound Bows and Conversion Kits for Past and Present Compound Bows and Archery Releases to Accommodate the Entire Compound Bow, Crossbow industry and Disabled Archers Products State Certified Contractor and Instructor; Patent Holder.