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Rope release with safety Rope release with safety

Rotates 360 degrees, gives 100% free hand capability. Also compatible with our Full Draw Conversion Kit. Works with any bow Weights 2-3/4 oz.

Price: $65.00

Shipping: $7.00

Full Draw conversion kit Redesigned and modified Full Draw Conversion Kit.

Centers on your bow for perfect balance and accommodation. Close brace height bows. Right or Left hand use. Weighs 3oz.

Price: $198.00

Shipping: $15.00

Compound Bow Cable Slide Compound Bow Cable Slide

Price: $5.50

Shipping: $2.00


Connector I - Double Cam

Price: $729.00

Draw length: 24" to 30"
Draw weight: 40lb to 70lb
Bus 34 cable, 34 3/4 by Pro string
Brace height: 6-3/4"
Bow weight: 2-5/8lbs to 2-7/8lbs

Connector - Single Cam

Price: $729.00

Draw length: 24" to 30"
Draw weight: 40lb to 70lb
Bus 34" string 24" by Pro string
Brace height: 7" to 8"
Bow speeds: 345 feet per second (depends on draw weight and cams)
Bow weight: 2-5/8 lbs

The Pullin Full Draw Bow Tensioning System

THE PULLIN Full Draw Bow Tensioning System holds the bowstring of your compound bow fully drawn and ready to release, permitting you to aim and release your arrow precisely, without the additional physical stress of having to hold a full draw. IT'S A VALUABLE ASSISTANT, as well, to many handicapped and semi-disabled archers, allowing them fuller, and sometimes independent, participation in archery sports. CARRY YOUR BOW safely fully drawn and ready to load for target or game. TAKE AIM through your sight. SLIDE THE SAFETY aside. DEPRESS TRIGGER to release. COMPLETELY SAFE with safety in place. PERMITS A DEADLY response and delivery. EASILY ATTACHED to almost any compound bow.(Complete instructions included.) READILY storable: Tensioning rod and trigger-and-safety mechanism are freely mounted on the bow riser and instantly removable after the arrow has been released. The rod stores conveniently in the arrow quiver PATENTED, WARRANTED, and field proven. LOOK-ALIKE PRODUCTS are not the same! Full Draw

BOW IN LAX position, showing the release, tension rod, and riser accessories in place.
FULL DRAWN bow showing arrow in rest.

PERSPECTIVE VIEW of bow tensioner system with bow at full draw.
RELEASE on rod with drawn bowstring: safety aside, thumb on trigger, ready to "fire."
TENSIONING-SYSTEM RELEASE shown being used separately as a release only.

Introducing GunSilk

GunSilk Lubricant protects and extends the life of antique firearms and paintball guns, also. If you're a firearm dealer or firearm gunsmith please email us for bulk pricing.

GunSilk Lubricant

GunSilk Lubricant is ideal for use on the following brands of firearm: Colt, Ruger, Marlin, Remington, Browning, Winchester, New England, Savage, Taurus, Kimber, Beretta, Rossi, Smith Wesson, Mossberg, Hi Point, Walther, Tactical, Glock, Bushmaster, Sako, Jennings, Beretta, Llama, Weatherby, Springfield, Henry, Benelli, Stevens, Thompson, Ithaca, Desert Eagle.

Developed and field tested under everyday conditions by sportsmen. GunSilk has ranked #1 by those who have used it.

For only $10.50 for a 10cc tube, plus $3.00 shipping charges. Place your Order Online today. We accept money orders orders only.

Send money order to:

Pullin Archery
P.O. Box 78
McDowell VA 24458

Mounting Device - Fits almost all compound bows.


An archery bow tensioning device for holding a bow­ string in a fully drawn position wherein one end of a rod is freely received in and releasable from a blind bore provided in the bow handle, and the opposite end of the rod is provided with a trigger mechanism having a safety catch.


Background of the Invention

The manual holding of a bowstring at a full draw readiness state with an arrow supported between the rest on the bow handle and its nock notched on the bowstring requires great strength on the part of the archer or bowman, particularly, if held in this state for any appreciable length of time resulting in the archer becoming weary, thereby affecting the accuracy of the arrow being shot. That is particularly true when the bow is a compound bow.

To overcome this problem, it has been proposed to fixedly mount one end of a stabilizing or tension bar to the bow handle and to provide the opposite end of the bar with a trigger mechanism for releasably holding the bowstring in the fully drawn position. This relieves the archer from manually holding the bowstring while aiming the arrow.
While these proposed stabilizing bars and associated triggers have been satisfactory for their intended purpose, they have been characterized by certain disadvantages in that the bars are permanently attached to the bow handles resulting in the bows being hulky and cumbersome, and therefore not readily storable After considerable research and experimentation, the tension device of the present invention has been devised which is freely mounted on the bow handle and releasable therefrom after the arrow has been shot; the conventional trigger mechanism has also been improved by providing a safety catch.

Summary of the invention

The tensioning device of the present invention com­ prises, essentially, a rod having one end adapted to be freely received within a recessed blind bore provided in the bow handle. The opposite end of the rod is provided with a trigger mechanism having a safety latch to prevent the inadverrent shooting of an arrow. If the how handle is matte of metal, the recessed blind bore is provided by drilling a bore into the handle of the bow. If the bow is made of wood, a fitting having a recessed blind bore is threadably mounted in the handle. By this construction and arrangement, various types of bows can be retrofitted to accommodate the tensioning device of the present invention.



*Price and postage: $2.25, plus $1.00 postage and handling (in continental U.S.). Foreign customers please adjust postage and handling charges to accommodate postal rates to your delivery point. Money orders and certified checks only, please. All orders filled and shipped immediately upon payment.

WARRANTY: Pullin products are fully warranted against defects in manufacture for 1 year from date of purchase, provided that the item involved shows no evidence of disassembly or tampering, or signs of abuse beyond normal use.

RETURNS POLICY: Pullin archery products are returnable only for repairs covered by warranty. Shipping costs to Pullin Archery Products, Inc., are paid by the customer. The costs of returning the repaired item to the customer are paid by Pullin Archery Products, Inc.

Price: $2.25
Shipping: $1.00

Releases & Sight Tool

  • THE SAFETY LOCKS the release securely on your bowstring, leaving your hands free at all times.
  • NO MORE premature releases due to cold hands or clumsy gloves.
  • KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR TARGET: No need to look away to connect your release to your bowstring. 
  • LESS MOVEMENT and quicker shots.

Machined aluminum release (upgraded)

Price: $60.00
Shipping: $7

Aluminum release

Black composite release

Price: $20.00
Shipping: $7

Composite release

Rope release with safety

Price: $65
Shipping: $7

Rotates 360 degrees, gives 100% free hand capability. Also compatible with our Full Draw Conversion Kit. Works with any bow Weights 2-3/4 oz.

Rope release tool with safety

Bow Tuning Sight Tool

If you purchased a product from someone else,
it is not a genuine Pullin product. It is against the law
to manufacture unauthorized copies of this product.

Price: $20.00
Shipping: $6.50

Bow sight adjustment tool. Adjust your bow with precision using this unique device easy and quick to use.

Bow sight adjustment tool